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unanimity n : everyone being of one mind

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  1. the condition of complete agreement by all parties, the state of being unanimous

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Unanimity is complete agreement by everyone. When unanimous, everybody is of same mind and acting together as an undiversified whole. Many groups consider unanimous decisions a sign of agreement, solidarity, and unity.
The legitimacy supposedly established by unanimity has been used by dictatorial regimes in an attempt to gain support for their position. Participants in a legislature may be coerced or intimidated into supporting the position of a dictator, with the legislature becoming little more than a rubber stamp for a more powerful authority.
In the realm of criminal jury trials, many U.S. states and the federal U.S. system require that verdicts be unanimous.

Sources of Legal Authority

In the State of Maryland, article 21 of the Maryland Constitution's Declaration of Rights requires unanimity in all criminal jury trials: "That in all criminal prosecutions, every man hath a right to be informed of the accusation against him; to have a copy of the Indictment, or charge, in due time (if required) to prepare for his defence; to be allowed counsel; to be confronted with the witnesses against him; to have process for his witnesses; to examine the witnesses for and against him on oath; and to a speedy trial by an impartial jury, without whose unanimous consent he ought not to be found guilty."
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acclamation, accord, accordance, agreement, agreement of all, chorus, common assent, common consent, concert, concord, concordance, concurrence, confluence of minds, consensus, consensus gentium, consensus of opinion, consensus omnium, consent, consentaneity, general acclamation, general agreement, general consent, general voice, harmony, like-mindedness, meeting of minds, mutual understanding, one accord, one voice, same mind, single voice, total agreement, unanimousness, understanding, unison, universal agreement
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